A Shower Of Learning Opportunities In April

By Dr. Ronnie Tarchichi, MEd2., M.S., M.B.S., Superintendent, Pennsauken Public Schools

March 2017 is in the books and Pennsauken Public Schools are looking forward to a healthy April. As always, I would like to thank the administrators, teachers, parents, and students for their hard work this school year. We are now in PARCC testing season and we encourage our parents and students to approach this test in a positive manner. Standardized testing has been part of our public school system for decades; more importantly, it is a fundamental in post-secondary education and professional programs. Standardized test scores are important because they are objective measures of what students have learned about a specific content or discipline. Math, Language Arts and Science are the building blocks for success; and we as educators need to ensure students adequately possess the knowledge needed for movement into higher level content.

Students should be encouraged to take on obstacles not run away from them. Remember that when you try as hard as you can, it is okay to fail, because when you fail, you learn more and more the recipe for success. Please remember that for the success of our school district and township, it is necessary to work together in a positive and productive fashion.

Good luck to our students! There is nothing you cannot accomplish; but please remember: for achievement to be realized, the task must be embarked on and undertaken. Good luck to our students in grades three through high school taking the PARCC exam. Good luck to our fourth and eighth grade students on the NJ ASK Science exam. Good luck to our high school students taking the NJBCT and preparing for their SAT and PSAT in order to ensure a high score when these tests are taken. There is enough conversation and negativity directed towards standardized testing. However, here is a beacon of positivity: you can do it. For all future endeavors, especially tests that impact your life, remember these famous words from Henry Ford and Benjamin Franklin: “You can do anything if you have enthusiasm;” and “The man who achieves makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all – doing nothing.” Never just do nothing; even if you fall the first time, make some noise with your efforts! Let others know you’re here to achieve.

High School

Our high school has been running very efficiently since the beginning of the school year. Academically, our students have grown in their new schedules, and have performed excellently amongst their peers. To showcase the intellect of our students and the hard work of our teachers/coaches, multiple students have attained academic scholarships along with athletic scholarships to colleges and universities. Our teachers and coaches devote their time to extracurricular activities and spend countless hours in the school promoting the importance of perfectionism, cooperation and collaboration. Academically, our transition to a high school with multiple academies and career and technical education programs continues to progress at a very proficient rate through multiple partnerships with colleges and universities.

Middle And Intermediate Schools

Phifer Middle School principal, Mr. Honeyman, and Intermediate School principal, Mr. Bonkowski, persist to efficiently join forces in order to offer our students a smooth transition from primary to secondary education. The teachers and administration have worked very hard to ensure significant growth in their young scholars at the Park Avenue Campus.

Elementary Schools

Our elementary schools have run very professionally since the beginning of the year and continue their smooth operation. Students have grown both academically and emotionally this year, preparing them for the Intermediate School. I would like to thank Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Joyce, and Mr. Lewis for their diligence as building principals; and our supervisors, Mrs. Massey, Mrs. Schmittt, and Mrs. Plasky, for a commendable job as building administrators in our three smaller elementary schools, providing the leadership needed in those buildings. In addition, I would like to thanks Mr. Logan for his diligence and leadership at Baldwin Preschool and his role as director of elementary education.

All elementary schools will have administrators localized in their buildings beginning in the 2017-18 school year. This will help our schools run even more effectively!

Spend Time With The Super

Please join me weekly for “Coffee and Questions with the Superintendent,” taking place this month on Thursday, April 27 before the Board of Education Meeting from 5:00 to 6:55 p.m. Parents are encouraged to come to the central administration office, 1695 Hylton Rd., and see me directly for an informal meeting. These are times where concerned parents or Pennsauken residents can come and ask questions regarding any topic within the school district.

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