Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet… We’re Hunting Potholes!

By Joe Scavuzzo, Director, Department of Public Works

As we look forward to the sunny days and warmer weather of spring, Old Man Winter leaves us a few reminders of his stay here in Pennsauken. Unfortunately, the groundhog saw its shadow and we’re in for a few more weeks of winter.

To begin, our Township roads have made out fairly well this winter, with very little precipitation and temperatures above freezing and in the 40’s. Only in New Jersey would we experience a 60-degree day on Wednesday and plow-able snowfall the next morning! As I sit down on a cold Saturday morning to compose this article, I think back to my childhood in the late 1980’s, the cartoons that would occupy my weekend and search for a clever title. Elmer Fudd reminds me that, regardless of the mild winter thus far, we are approaching the Department of Public Work’s hunting season… pothole season. No pesky wabbits here… just wild turkeys!

Potholes are a common occurrence in our part of the country, mainly due to the extreme cold of our winters and the unbearable heat of the summer, which causes weaknesses in our asphalt roads. When water infiltrates the asphalt and gets into the “base” layer below, the water will freeze and thaw, causing the road to heave up or sink down. Apply a vehicle weighing a couple thousand pounds and the asphalt gives out. We have a patch crew that addresses potholes on Township roads. You may notice our crew filling a pothole with temporary “fill” dirt. This is usually done to remedy the safety concern of the pothole during weather that may compromise our permanent patch or when temperatures are too low that our asphalt supplier is closed.

You may have noticed I’ve used the term “Township roads.” This is because Pennsauken Township’s Department of Public Works is only responsible for those roads. Camden County is responsible for the upkeep of county roads that pass through our area, which includes snow removal and repairs; likewise, the state Department of Transportation is responsible for the various highways that flow through our town. If you spot a pothole or road condition that could use some attention, simply report it. Your phone call to (856) 663-0178 or email to is a one-stop shop for any reporting of poor road conditions. We will notify the proper agency with the claim. For a current list of county roads in Pennsauken Township and some answers to frequently asked questions about potholes, visit

Springtime is a chance for all of us to help Pennsauken “bloom.” You can count on the crews at your Public Works Department to during this time to get our parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields in top shape for the fair-weather activities. The mild winter we are experiencing allows us to switch gears from snow mode to spring mode. Whether it’s inspecting playground equipment, replacing playground mulch, or replacing trash and recycling containers, spring is a busy time.

Did you know that Public Works can help you with your gardening? You can pick up compost material from the Pennsauken Municipal Pool parking lot on River Rd. Compost material is available all year long, with a mid-summer replenishment from our Park Ave. compost facility.

Wednesday will continue to be the town-wide yard debris pickup day. This is a great way to dispose of branches that may have fallen over the winter because of wind or heavy snow. We kindly remind you to bundle sticks and branches in lengths three feet or less and not weighing more than 50 pounds.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach us at (856) 663-0178 or e-mail at That’s all folks!

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