Celebrating National Public Works Week In Pennsauken

By Joe Scavuzzo, Director, Department of Public Works

The week of May 21 is dedicated as “National Public Works Week.” To kick off this article, I’d like to quote the American Public Works Association (APWA). “This year, National Public Works Week celebrates the vital role public works plays in connecting us all together. As the cornerstone of civilization, public works provides, maintains, and improves the structures and services that assure a higher quality of life for our communities. Its streets, roads, bridges, and public transportation keep us linked together from coast to coast, and its clean water and sanitation services keep us healthy and allow our communities to grow and prosper. The APWA proudly salutes and thanks the tens of thousands of public works professionals who work tirelessly throughout North America every day to strengthen the bond that keeps us all connected.”

In our fast-paced society of text messages and e-mails, we all feel rushed to complete our work and move on. It’s all too easy to forget the simple gesture of a “thank you.” On behalf of Superintendent Feriozzi and myself, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to “the guys… our guys.” From the mechanics to our crew chiefs and to our “boots on the ground,” we are a department that is depended on for support from various agencies and other Township departments, constantly being pulled in multiple directions. These guys make it all happen; and those that depend on the Department of Public Works are appreciative. I hear it all the time. While I firmly believe in the quality of our services, there is always that chance that we drop the ball on a task. At those times, a simple phone call to our office will rectify any issue. With you, our neighbors help, we constantly seek to improve our methods and ultimately, the service to Pennsauken.

As I sit and write this article the first week in April, it’s quiet around the shop. This means two things: I have some peace to write this article and everybody’s busy. At this point, our crews are beginning to restore our athletic fields, various parks and playgrounds, clearing basins before the overgrowth of summer begins, and removing hazardous trees and patching roads. It’s a time when we attempt to cover as much ground as possible.

I think about the “bond that keeps us all connected” from the beginning of this article and how this message applies to Pennsauken. Our community geographically connects us, our interests, and expectations of a clean community connects us and our willingness to “chip in,” connects us. Pennsauken’s Department of Public Works constantly seeks to interact with our residents, making the connection between the service provider and end-user.

One of those ways to connect is in social settings. Check out the front cover of this issue to learn about this month’s food truck event on May 25. Our Department looks to be on-hand for a Touch-a-Truck event, where everyone – from grandparent to grandchild – can hop in one of our different pieces of equipment! Staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy the warmer weather!

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