Crescent Hill Academy Announces Launch Of “Bright Beginnings” Pre-K Program

Crescent Hill Academy, a school that provides students with disabilities opportunities to not only learn, but also gain independence, announces the launch of its “Bright Beginnings” pre-kindergarten program. “Bright Beginnings” fills a real need locally, as this is the only program of its kind in South Jersey.

Pennsauken’s Crescent Hill Academy has launched its “Bright Beginnings” Pre-K program for children with special needs.

“Crescent Hill Academy is a school that caters to each child’s needs to the fullest extent, encouraging them in the least restrictive environment possible,” says Al Minicozzi, executive director. “We know that parents are looking to give their children the most assistance at the earliest age. And studies show that young minds benefit from an earlier start to education. With our ‘Bright Beginnings’ program, we can now offer pre-k students that have special needs crucial exposure to an enriching curriculum and lifestyle.”

“Bright Beginnings” provides an immersed, multi-level pre-school experience for special needs children in a small classroom setting. The program, which is either half- or full-day, strives for success through a curriculum based on sensory integration, music, art, therapy, physical and occupational skills, speech, and language based activities.

A wide variety of studies, including the Perry Preschool Study and Abecedarian Early Childhood Intervention Project, two of the most-often cited studies showing the long-term benefits of early childhood education, show that providing educational instruction earlier in life offers children better preparation and success in secondary education, as well as more opportunities in adulthood. As Crescent Hill Academy offers a focus on allowing children to be as independent as possible, an early start to education and therapy is crucial to help young minds – and bodies – with special needs to learn, grow, develop, and achieve.

Parents interested in learning more about “Bright Beginnings” for their children – which can be offered at no cost to families – can schedule a tour of the facility by calling (856) 662-7300, ext. 210.

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