Get Tech Savvy At The Pennsauken Free Public Library

Technology is changing so rapidly that we have to adapt to all the new advancements, even if we don’t want to. That’s why the Pennsauken Free Public Library provides a variety of technology-based services to help make things easier, especially if you’re not that tech savvy.

The Library has 12 internet computers available for daily use. Patrons can surf the web, check their e-mail, access documents via the “cloud” and more. There’s a one-hour limit per user, unless no one is waiting to access a computer. The Library also has one computer dedicated for word processing, for those who are updating their resumé, putting the finishing touches on a school project, or tackling some homework.

Need to print out your Google doc or a PDF file? The Pennsauken Free Public Library’s computers are connected to a black and white and a color printer. Color printouts are 50 cents apiece, while black and white printouts are just 15 cents each. You can also use both printers to make copies too – for the same prices.

Need something scanned in? The Library has the capability to scan documents into a computer file or a USB drive. We allow up to 10 pages of scanned documents to be sent to the required destination at one time. Or, you have the option of five photos. This service is free of charge.

In case you’ve forgotten your thumb drive, or have just plain run out of file space, the Library also has 256 MB flash drives available for $4.50 each. In addition, you can buy headphones for $1.25, in case you want to watch YouTube videos or play online games without disturbing other patrons.

In keeping with the current “paperless” trend, the Library also has four TV monitors positioned throughout the building that highlight events at Pennsauken’s community meeting place.

And for those who still need to fax documents, the Library patrons can send and receive faxes for $1.00 per page. The Library also offers a notary service for $2.50 per signature.

For more information on what the Pennsauken Library offers, be sure to visit

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