Knock Knock! Who’s There? A Door To Door Salesperson

solicitationSpring has sprung and everything is in bloom. That includes door to door solicitors. You could get a knock on your door from an eager salesperson looking to sell you anything from energy choices to windows and siding. Do you know what to look for? Here is some helpful information provided by Pennsauken’s Clerk’s Office.

Anyone who wishes to solicit door-to-door within Pennsauken is required to register with the Township and obtain an ID from the Clerk’s Office. They must have this ID on them at all times while going door to door. Each salesperson must also have background/fingerprint or name check prior to soliciting. Not until they are cleared are they able to obtain the permit. Solicitors are also told at the time of application that they are not permitted to begin their work until they are fully authorized and have received their ID.

When, not if, you get a knock on your door from anyone soliciting anything…

  • Speak to them behind your screen door and ask for their Pennsauken ID
  • Make a mental note of the name and description of the person
  • If they do not or cannot present the ID, politely excuse yourself and call the Pennsauken Police Department at (856) 663-1234 – DON’T WAIT
  • Also, please call the Clerk’s Office and leave us your name and address and notification of the person’s name, business and what they were selling, if possible

Be informed, stay safe and have a wonderful spring and summer.

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