Knowing Why There’s No Sun In The Sky…

WagsphotoBy Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist

The constant march of thunderstorm clouds crossing the Delaware River, lightning flashing, thunder rolling, etc., is interesting, for a week. This weather pattern usually coincides with June graduations. Every year, for as long as I can remember, seats were set up inside school, and out. It was weather roulette for families of more than two, since the whole family can watch outdoors, but only two can sit inside.

This year, I have only had to water my impatiens twice. We traveled to New Mexico for eight days, and I knew when we arrived home in the middle of the night, I’d find shriveled flowers out front. Au contraire, mon frère! All the blooms are thick and happy. Rain, rain, go away, come again, preferably in California.

My VW has next to no new miles upon the “speedo,” since most of my favorite gatherings of fellow car guys are at night, along with the promise of thunderstorms. I’ve had to cancel many more shows than I’ve actually made. My wife laughs, because she knows VWs float. But the two weakest parts of an old VW Bug are the blower motor for the windshield, and the tiny windshield wiper blades.

I am commiserating with an old friend, over the phone, when he reminds me of the summer we eagerly awaited the thunder storms, so we could launch McGinley’s refurbished canoe down 49th St. to Rt. 130, floating over fences in back yards, and onto Rt. 130 itself. Water backed up all the way from the train bridge over 130 at 45th St. The canoe trip, made more than once that summer, never made the papers. The photographers couldn’t get to the site, and phones back then were for talking, not taking.

The underbrush is so thick, Jones and I have had to postpone our deer watching trips. You can’t see anything past the street’s edge now, with three-foot-tall grass and weeds. Everything’s so thick and green, the deer have to be standing in the street to be seen. I’ve had to weed whack twice a week, and I’m not a happy camper.

On a much happier note, the Jersey tomatoes seem bigger and heavier this season. I live for a one-slice tomato sandwich at lunch, slathered with mayo, garlic salt, and oregano. And I haven’t been disappointed yet this year.

So, with only a few weeks left to swelter through, I’m feeling a bit better. I’ll drop into Lee Auto and pick up some newer, bigger wiper blades. Perhaps a new shammy to wipe down the buggy and some chrome polish. The fall season isn’t far behind. Right this moment, the sun is shining down, and I’m thinking fresh corn on the cob, tomato slices, and some cucumber and onion. I’m off to the stand to buy some of each. Maybe a good melon, if it thumps right.

Who cares if it rains? I’ve got a bellyful of summer bounty, and that, my friends, is a BUNCH!

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