New Program Offers Cooked Sushi To Staff, Students

Thanks to a new program offered by the Pennsauken School District’s Nutrition Department and Wegman’s, students in the Intermediate School, Howard M. Phifer Middle School and Pennsauken High School, as well as teachers and support staff throughout the District, can choose cooked sushi for lunch once a week.

“This program is the first of its kind in South Jersey and will give both children and staff alike another healthy option for lunch and gives them an opportunity to taste something from another culture,” explains Keith Meloni, director of food and nutrition for the Pennsauken School District. “There are many health benefits to consuming sushi, such as increased blood circulation, lowered blood pressure, a boosted immune system, improved digestion and an increased ability in the body to create new cells. Sushi fits well within our nutrition guidelines for the District.”

The program – which is the first time Wegman’s is partnering with a high school in the state of New Jersey – began late last month and offers a choice of four cooked sushi rolls with the plan to add additional selections later. For the debut, Wegman’s provided one of their skilled sushi chefs to offer demonstrations at Pennsauken High School during the lunch periods.

In addition to this new initiative, the District’s Food and Nutrition Department is partnering with Wegman’s to provide Carson Elementary School with produce as part of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. Students receive free fresh fruits and vegetables during the school day, improving the children’s overall diet, creating healthier eating habits, and fostering healthier school environments by providing healthier food choices. The Pennsauken School District has been selected for this grant for one or more of their schools in seven out of the eight years that the program has been offered.

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