Offering New Programs For The 2017-2018 School Year

By the Pennsauken Board of Education: Nick Perry, President; Allyson Meloni-Scavuzzo, Vice President; Cheryl Duffy; Michael Hurley; Diane Johnson; Leona Moss; Jennifer Slattery; Orlando Viera; and JoAnn Young

It might seem difficult to imagine, but we are just a month away from the start of a new school year! This year, the Board of Education, in conjunction with the superintendent, administration, and staff of the Pennsauken School District, is excited to offer several new educational opportunities in addition to our existing program.

Several of these newly added programs are geared toward those students interested in acquiring a specialized vocation while in high school. Often called career and technical education, or CTE for short, these new offerings will give students the ability to earn certifications in one of four areas: automotive, culinary, cosmetology, or carpentry. Renovations at Pennsauken High School are being completed to ensure that these new programs will be available for students to enroll in by the start of the school year.

While we are excited to offer the CTE track for students this academic year, the Board of Education would like to clearly state that Pennsauken High School IS NOT becoming a vocational school. Instead, these programs will be offered in addition to our traditional educational program to increase the opportunities for all students.

The Pennsauken Board of Education has also partnered with Camden County College and Rowan College at Burlington County College to provide additional educational opportunities for our students. These partnerships are making it possible for students to earn college credit for courses that they will take during their high school careers while attending Pennsauken High School. We are also offering students a “senior option,” which allows senior high school students to take higher level courses at our local county colleges, thus introducing them to the college experience before they leave high school.

The purpose of these new programs is to create an education that produces students who are career and college ready. It is a goal of the Pennsauken Board of Education to prepare students for their futures. We believe that these programs will allow us to move a step closer to that goal. As always, we thank the Pennsauken community for their support. Without all of you, we would not be able to provide these new, exciting opportunities to our students!

Board Bit Of The Month

This is not the first time the Pennsauken has offered CTE programs. In the 1970s, the school district provided programs that allowed students to earn certifications in areas such as HVAC, while attending Pennsauken High School.

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