Pennsauken High School Holds First Semester Science Fair

By Rachael Shugars, AAP Columnist

On Jan. 11, Pennsauken High School held its first semester science fair. I decided to visit my old alma mater to see what the buzz was about.

Almost 100 students set up displays on some seriously cool topics; from the science behind what a soft drink will do to an egg (spoiler alert: you’ll rethink drinking soda), all the way to understanding and studying leaf pigmentation.

The auditorium was bustling with students explaining their experiments, faculty dutifully observing, and proud parents snapping pictures of their science-savvy teens.

PHS Science Fair

Kaitlin Soriano was among almost 100 students who created outstanding projects for Pennsauken High School’s first semester science fair.

I got to speak with student Kaitlin Soriano, who, along with classmate Terrance Philips, presented a display on heat diffusion. Their experiment showed why a balloon filled with water would take longer to burst than ones filled with other substances. Soriano explained how salt water popped much faster when exposed to fire than regular water. She beamed with pride next to her presentation. Kaitlin and Terrance did a great job.

Student scientist Aleksi Knaus presented a display on blood spatter analysis that was as graphic as it was detailed. It explained how forensic scientists can uncover clues about a crime just from blood patterns at the crime scene. Aleksi, along with all the other participating students, presented a hypothesis statement, research data, materials, their process, and their conclusions in perfect scientific fashion.

If you missed the chance to visit the science fair this semester, don’t fret! There will be a second semester science fair held later this year, just before school ends.

All the student scientists involved deserve a round of applause for taking part in such a fun and educational event!



Place Project Project Title Students
1st Place 21 Stomach Acid  Vs.  Antacid Isaiah  Norman

Jacquelyn Vazquez

2nd Place 8 Unboiling an Egg/ Renaturing  Protein Brandon Khop

Davis  Tran

3rd  Place 7 Heartinator Erica Le

Angela Nicado


Place Project Project Title Students
1st Place 13 The Brilliant Brachistochrone Ngan Chiem

Dairon Estevez

2nd Place 24 How Fast Does Light Travel Through Water  vs. Dissolved Salt Water Ramsha Chowdhary
3rd  Place 11 MP3 Impressions Giovani Mateo

BIOLOGY – Group A  

Place Project Project Title Students
1st Place 20 What Will Happen Next Will Shock You David Do

Jimmy Le

2nd Place 27 How Does Hand Sanitizer Affect Bacteria  and The Types Left Behind Katy Kha

Tiana Summer James

3rd  Place 23 Reaction Times: Athletes Vs. NonAthletes Emily Gairo

Megan Flaherty

BIOLOGY –  Group B

Place Project Project Title Students
1st Place Project 30 Gummy Bear Osmosis Jessica Luu
2nd Place Project  28 Liquids and Their rate of Evaporation Vivian  Nguyen
3rd  Place Project 41 Antibacterial Products Vs. Bacteria Sion Reynoso


Place Project Project Title Students
1st Place 47 Positive  Impact of Anabolic Steroids Muhammad  Mubashir
2nd Place 52 Heart Rate Vs. Caffeine Delilah Lewis

Muneerah Hameen

2nd Place 58 Blood Spatter Analysis Aleksei Knaus
3rd  Place 42 Dog Senses Sandy Lam


Place Project Project Title Students
1st Place 38 Metacognition Steven Nguyen
2nd Place 53 Multitasking? Can you do it? Sarah  Mireles
3rd  Place 50 Music Vs Memorization Cassandra Gordon

Jessica Rojas

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