Pennsauken Native Looks For Perfect Match In MTV Reality Show

Pennsauken native Kam Williams is one of 22 contestants looking for love – and a cash prize to go along with it – in season five of MTV’s “Are You the One?,” a show that takes the matchmaking process to a whole new level.

Pennsauken’s Kam Williams is a cast member in season five of MTV’s “Are You the One?,” a show that takes the matchmaking process to a whole new level.

“Are You The One?” is MTV’s wildly-popular dating competition spectacle that strives to answer the question, “If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it?” The rules may be simple, but the game of love is never easy as 11 couples, with the help of host, Ryan Devlin, try to pair up with their pre-selected ideal partner as determined by a rigorous, pre-season matchmaking process carried out by a team of professional relationship gurus and psychologists. With only 10 tries to find the winning combination, the love seekers will have to follow their hearts if they want to walk away with love and their share of one million dollars.

Kam, a member of Pennsauken High School’s graduating class of 2013 who grew up in the numbered streets along Westfield, has been a longtime fan of the show.

“I’ve watched previous seasons and said, ‘I can do that. If you could put me in that house I could win and find love and money.’” says Williams. “Who doesn’t want love and money?”

“For me to get picked for this once-in-a-lifetime experience was amazing,” added Kam. “I was very excited and very confident to find love and money and to be on TV. Not everybody gets the opportunity to find their perfect match. I was very grateful.”

Prior to the show, Kam answered several hundred questions about herself and spoke with psychologists and matchmakers to see how her personality synched up with fellow contestants. She then joined 10 other women and 11 men for an intense 10-week experience.

“We had 11 guys and 11 girls and still have just 10 chances to get all these matches,” explains Williams. “Living in the house with 10 different girls and having one out of the 11 guys to be your perfect match, there was a lot of drama and love. It was crazy!”

And while Kam is sure that the audience will be thoroughly entertained by season five of “Are You the One?,” she also feels that there’s a lot to be learned by watching.

“It’s very relatable. Someone who’s watching might be able to see the types of people they’re compatible with. It can help the audience find love too.”

Will Kam find “the one?” Do they win the money? You’ll have to find out by watching. MTV’s new season of “Are You the One?” airs Wednesday, January 11 at 9:00 p.m.

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