Photo Contest To Capture Residents’ Perspective Of Pennsauken

By Betsy McBride, Mayor of Pennsauken Township

When the Township redesigned its website a few years back, we not only wanted it to provide easy access for residents and business owners to find the information that they need, but also wanted to provide an online “snapshot” of our community for visitors who may be looking to live or start a business in Pennsauken.

Our website has several links that can help point residents in the right direction. At the top of the menu on the left hand side of every page on the Township’s web site, there’s a “What Department Do I Need?” button. From issues about abandoned/vacant properties to zoning questions, you can find the appropriate phone number to get the answers you need by clicking that link. There’s also a page that allows you to download a variety of important forms; send a message directly to a specific department; and a registration form to get e-mail notifications directly from the Township regarding important issues and events.

There are also menu items that highlight why Pennsauken Township is a great place to live; how our community is business-friendly; and some details about our history, which is of particular importance as Pennsauken continues to celebrate our 125th anniversary this year.

We’ve also added something new to the website recently: a photo gallery that highlights some of the great things that make Pennsauken a wonderful, thriving community. And while we have some pretty good pictures up there, we’d love to have submissions from our residents to make it even better. So we decided to create a fun contest for the people who work and live in our community, giving them an opportunity to share – in photo form – their positive perspective of Pennsauken.

Interested parties can upload their photos at Photo categories are daily life, people, places, nature, and events; all images must directly relate to Pennsauken. Photo submissions are due by end of day Friday, Aug. 18, 2017. Out of the photos we receive, a committee of volunteers will review the photos and pick the ones most reflective of Pennsauken Township; these images will uploaded to the online gallery on the main page of our website. A handful of these “Pennsauken photographers” will then be invited to join me for lunch at the Pennsauken Country Club – my treat!

I hope that many of you take advantage of this opportunity to share some images that reflect what makes our community special and I look forward to seeing your photo submissions!


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