Saint Matthew’s In Pennsauken Celebrates 150 Years

In 1867, Andrew Johnson was President; trains, boats, and horses were the common means of transportation; and our own Pennsauken Township would not be formed for another 25 years.

This was also the time that a small group of Christian-minded people recognized a need in the community of Morrisville for a church; through their perseverance, Saint Matthew’s Methodist Church evolved in October of the same year.

Saint Matthew’s United Methodist Church, located on Derousse Ave. in Pennsauken, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

Saint Matthew’s first pastor was Rev. Hooper Jolly. He ministered to his congregation in a church structure that had only a stove in the center of the room to provide heat. Oil lamps were used for lighting. Then, in 1893, a new church building was erected on Pleasant Avenue during the administration of Rev. W.P. Tunnell. Saint Matthew’s continued to serve its members there for almost 90 years.

In 1982, under the leadership of Rev. Charles Cannon, the congregation was able to fulfill the long time dream of building a new church home. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new structure on Derousse Ave. was held on June 8 of that year.

Since its beginnings in 1867, Saint Matthew’s has been a vital partner in the community. And over the course of those years, Saint Matthew’s has been a place not only for weddings and funerals, Sunday school and Bible study, but also for community organizations to meet: Boy and Girl Scout Troops, AA meetings, tutoring, community dinners, and more.

Saint Matthew’s United Methodist Church is excited as they celebrate new growth and their first Seder under the leadership of current pastor, Rev. Shawn Forman.

The church’s 150 Year Celebration will be held 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 30 at the Pennsauken County Club. Elder John Randall will be the speaker.

For more information, please contact Saint Matthew’s at (856) 622-3610 or call Patricia Douglas at (856) 488-4779.

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