Spring Semester In Pennsauken Off To A Great Start

By Dr. Ronnie Tarchichi, MEd2., M.S., M.B.S., Superintendent, Pennsauken Public Schools

February and the spring semester is upon us. We have had a wonderful and diligent school year thus far. Thank you to the administrators, teachers, parents, and students for their hard work during the New Year. I encourage everyone to stay upbeat and positive as we approach this semester and standardized testing. Let’s show our students that there is no mountain too high for them to climb, either physically or academically.

Standardized testing is simply part of the academic process; with hard work, they will reap what they have sown. If our students apply themselves, there is no task they cannot accomplish. David Bly stated “striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” I am very proud of our students, parents and educators who work hard for the success of Pennsauken students. Please remember that for the success of our school district and township, it is necessary to work together in a positive and productive fashion. Please keep an eye out for notices regarding information sessions for both parents and students to see what Pennsauken will be offering in the coming months, both academically and athletically at all levels.

High School

Our high school has been running like a clock since the beginning of the school year. Block scheduling has opened up new academic opportunities for students, positively changing the culture of the building. Our teachers have shown the importance of keeping students on task throughout the day and the importance of the content in a student’s educational portfolio. Our teachers devote their time to extracurricular activities and spend countless hours in the school, promoting the importance of teamwork, devotion, loyalty, and fair play. Congratulations to Coach Tabb and the winter track team on their state championship. Special thanks to both our wrestling and basketball coaches for a great season thus far. Academically, our transition to a high school with multiple academies and career and technical education programs continues to progress at a very proficient rate through multiple partnerships with colleges and universities.

Middle And Intermediate Schools

The Park Ave. campus is on the move. Phifer’s principal, Mr. Honeyman, and the Intermediate School principal, Mr. Bonkowski, persist to efficiently join forces in order to offer our students a smooth transition from primary to secondary education. The teachers have shown incredible diligence in their efforts to teach the students the curriculum within the timeline of their pacing guide. Students have shown significant growth in their academics thus far. Special thanks to the coaches at the middle school level for teaching our students the fundamentals of the sports they love.

Elementary Schools

Our elementary schools have run very professionally since the beginning of the semester and continue their smooth operation. Students have grown both academically and emotionally this semester, preparing them for the Intermediate School. I would like to thank Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Joyce, and Mr. Lewis for their diligence as building principals; as well as our supervisors, Mrs. Massey, Mrs. Schmittt, and Mrs. Plasky, for a commendable job as building administrators in our three smaller elementary schools, providing the leadership needed in those buildings. The teachers of our elementary students are very dedicated to their craft and educate our students excellently in order to reach their academic potential.

Spend Time With The Super

Please join me each month for “Coffee and Questions with the Superintendent” taking place on Thursdays before the Board Meetings (business meeting) from 5:00 to 6:55 p.m. This month’s meeting is held on Feb. 23 at the Pennsauken School District’s Central Administrative Office, 1695 Hylton Rd. These are times where concerned parents or Pennsauken residents can come and ask questions regarding any topic within the school district.

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