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The Importance Of Sharing Information On Abandoned And Vacant Properties

By Tracey Howarth, Pennsauken Township Pennsauken Township has spent the better part of the last 14 months putting together a program aimed at getting the vacant and abandoned properties in town sold, rehabbed and occupied with permanent residents. We’ve also

Calling All Contractors: Help Needed With Abandoned Properties

By Tracey Howarth, Pennsauken Township Calling all contractors! Would you like to get involved in Pennsauken’s abandoned property program? We are moving onto the next phase of our abandoned property initiative: looking for qualified contractors to help rehab and flip

Streamlining The Abandoned/Vacant Property Process, Making It Easier

By Tracey Howarth, Pennsauken Township One of the goals for the Township’s vacant property program was to streamline and simplify the whole process from beginning to end. Well, we have just about completed that goal.

Abandoned/ Vacant Property Initiative Year In Review

By Tracey Howarth, Pennsauken Township At the beginning of this initiative, it was agreed that the Township needed to make progress quickly, so we set a few reasonably achievable goals: get a good count of how many properties we had

Abandoned, Vacant… What’s The Difference?

By Tracey Howarth, Coordinator, Pennsauken’s Abandoned and Vacant Property Initiative A bit of information can go a long way… I recently had the pleasure of meeting with some of our town’s residents to discuss the Vacant and Abandoned Property program.

Partnerships Mean Progress On Abandoned And Vacant Properties

By Frank Sinatra, AAP Editor With this year’s strong push to tackle the issue of abandoned and vacant properties throughout Pennsauken, the Township announced that in just a few months, 51 properties have already been removed from the official abandoned/vacant

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