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Springtime, Allergies And More On Bob The Cat

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist Ah, the sweet smell of spring! Then the “ahs” become “ah-choo!” Sneezing and snorkeling go hand in hand with the balmy breezes. I’m just getting over the winter cold virus, and now transition to a

Updates On Denim Shirts And Homeless Cats

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist My kids are dictating this month’s column. Apparently, friends and co-workers are clamoring for more information, and I have been called upon to update past stories. In particular, interest abounds regarding the fate of my

Bob Hanging Out With… Bob

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist I was sitting on my back steps yesterday, enjoying the sunshine, chatting with my new friend, Bob. Actually, I was talking, Bob was listening. Bob rarely speaks, as Bob is a cat. His presence in

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