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Freaky, Fabulous Fries From Pennsauken Eateries

By Rachael Shugars, AAP Columnist The official discovery of the potato, according to the internet, was by the Incan Indians in Peru. It’s the fourth largest crop in the world. In the early 1500s, Spaniards discovered just how delicious they

Casani Candy Company Has A Sweet Thing Going In Pennsauken

By Rachael Shugars, AAP Columnist This month’s featured food destination was one of Hershey Food Company’s very first customers. Family owned and operated, Casani Candy Company has distributed candy, near and far, for over 150 years.

Two Festive Food Favorites For The Holidays

By Rachael Shugars, AAP Columnist As a child I’m sure everyone had their favorite holiday treats around the holidays. For this month’s article I decided to highlight the delicious uniqueness of two personal favorites: pfeffernüsse (pronounced fef-er-noos-a) cookies and panettone

Food Truck Cooks Up Sweet And Savory Waffles

By Rachael Shugars, AAP Columnist WAFFLES! The word brings with it delicious thoughts of pillowy, slightly crunchy, cake-like bliss. If you had the chance to go to the Pennsauken Harvest Festival, then you may have seen this month’s latest hot

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