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Doing Our Part To Keep Pennsauken Litter Free

By Betsy McBride, Mayor of Pennsauken Township As I write this column, we are basking in 70 degree temperatures and our plants are starting to bud. Even if we get another blast of winter, our thoughts turn to spring. We

Respecting The Lives Of Those Who Live And Work In Pennsauken

By John Kneib, Mayor of Pennsauken Township It’s been a crazy summer. The shootings in Baton Rouge, Dallas, Orlando, and St. Paul have made us all take pause and wonder what is going on in our country. Unfortunately, violence is

Maintaining Properties Helps Make Pennsauken A Great Place To Live And Visit

By John Kneib, Mayor of Pennsauken Township Summer is officially in full swing; and many of our residents are taking full advantage of the warmer temperatures, not just for recreational purposes, but also to get outside to do some work

Tackling Housing Issue By Helping Residents Stay In Their Homes

By John Kneib, Mayor of Pennsauken Township As I’ve said before, tackling the issue of abandoned and vacant properties throughout Pennsauken has been the number one priority of our Township Committee. And in the past few months alone, we’ve taken

It’s Tougher To Help When You’re Anonymous

By Rick Taylor, Mayor of Pennsauken Township “All easy problems have already been solved.” – Anonymous I don’t mind my quotes being anonymous. In fact, that’s part of their charm. However, when I receive an anonymous letter sent to the

Whatever Happened To Emily Post?

By Rick Taylor, Mayor of Pennsauken Township Many of you who are reading this remember Emily Post. For those of you who don’t, she was a famous author who wrote a book on etiquette. When it came to proper decorum

Township Committee Holds Reorganization Meeting

By Frank Sinatra, AAP Editor In early January, Pennsauken’s Township Committee held its annual reorganization meeting, swearing in its newly-elected officers and selecting the organization’s leadership for the year.

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