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Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend: My Red Truck

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist I am still officially in mourning. My beloved old red truck has been sold. I no longer have four-wheel drive, and must forgo the summer surf fishing season, as far as driving on the beach

Getting Schooled On Driving By The Book

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist Having successfully driven 2,800 miles on the spring trip to Florida, I am once again safely sitting on my five-gallon bucket at the garage. Getting here this morning required a drive of eight city blocks.

Springtime, Allergies And More On Bob The Cat

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist Ah, the sweet smell of spring! Then the “ahs” become “ah-choo!” Sneezing and snorkeling go hand in hand with the balmy breezes. I’m just getting over the winter cold virus, and now transition to a

Bob Hanging Out With… Bob

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist I was sitting on my back steps yesterday, enjoying the sunshine, chatting with my new friend, Bob. Actually, I was talking, Bob was listening. Bob rarely speaks, as Bob is a cat. His presence in

Dying, Death, And Way Too Many Places To Spread The Ashes

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist The obituaries. My grandfather called it the Irish sports page. In fact, the obits are the reason my wife and I get up in the morning. First one to the paper gets to yell to

Knowing Why There’s No Sun In The Sky…

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist The constant march of thunderstorm clouds crossing the Delaware River, lightning flashing, thunder rolling, etc., is interesting, for a week. This weather pattern usually coincides with June graduations. Every year, for as long as I

Reuniting And Opening Up With Old Friends

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist Thanks to all of you who asked about missing me last month. It does the heart good to hear from folks who take the time out of their busy schedules to read whatever foolishness I’ve

Byting The Bullet And Logging Into Facebook

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist I finally broke down and turned on Facebook on the house computer. I call it the house computer because it lives upstairs and is anchored to my house by plugs and wires (lots and lots

Shaking The Dust Off Of Lazy Bones For A Good Cause

By Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist I’ve grown complacent the last few years, wallowing in my lazy retirement lifestyle. I know this, because my recently retired significant other, the bride, has told me so. And as much as it pains me

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