Township Administration To “Adopt” Red Cross On December 19

On Friday, Dec. 19, the members of Township Committee and the staff of Pennsauken’s administrative offices will “adopt” the Red Cross fixed donation site located at 5425 Marlton Pike, directly across from Bishop Eustace High School. Throughout the day, Township employees and members of committee will donate blood for use by area hospitals during a critical time of the year.

According to Joseph M. Paprzycki, fixed site manager for the American Red Cross, Penn Jersey Region, about five percent of the population donates blood throughout the year. However, the Red Cross sees a drop in donations during this time of year, as people get caught up in the holiday rush. In order to make up for these shortages and to increase blood donations throughout the year, the Red Cross has launched a new initiative to encourage businesses and organizations to “adopt” a fixed blood donation site for a day.

“We look for four to six donors a day at the fixed donation sites to be successful,” explains Paprzycki. “We would love to have businesses adopt the center and have a successful day of their own.”

Pennsauken is only one of four towns in New Jersey to have a Red Cross fixed donation site. In addition, the Marlton Pike location is the only one of its kind in South Jersey. Each blood donation can help save up to three people. Common uses for blood are to help trauma patients and for those battling sickle cell disease. What is less known, according to Paprzycki, is that a large number of blood donations are used in cancer treatment, including much needed platelet or plasma transfusions.

Businesses or groups looking to “adopt” Pennsauken’s Red Cross fixed donation site for a day can call (215) 451-4983 or e-mail The donation site is open six days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For more information on the importance of donation and how it can help a variety of people, visit

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