What’s New For MPWC Water Customers In 2016

mpwc2By Michael A. Saraceni, Chief Operating Officer

By now you may have heard that the Merchantville-Pennsauken Water Commission (MPWC) entered the competition for best tasting drinking water at the annual New Jersey Chapter of the American Water Works Association (NJAWWA) conference held in Atlantic City, NJ. Being compared to many other water systems, the judges determined that our water placed first and was the best-tasting! The Commissioners and dedicated employees are very proud of this achievement.

This recognition was obtained with a water distribution system that has components dating back almost 100 years. Most cities in the United States have distribution systems that have components that are 100 years old or greater. The MWPC however, is making efforts to replace sections of main that are past their useful life. Efforts to improve water quality in 2015 found us reducing water quality complaints by nearly 42 percent over complaints received in 2014. As we move forward, we continue to endeavor to improve the quality of water and the services that we provide to you with a strong focus on our aging underground mains. The main replacement program, elevated tank maintenance program, water meter replacement, and filter media and treatment plant upgrades will continue in 2016.

The Commission has always worked diligently to control long-term debt and at the same time, realize that they must maintain our infrastructure in a proactive and responsible manner. The challenges that we face have generated a modest water rate increase of eight percent. For the average residential users, you can expect an approximate increase of $2.00 per quarter on your water bill. The American Water Works Association has posted that the average cost per gallon of water (bottled) is $1.22. Be reminded, however, that 64 percent of this was spent on single 16.9 ounce bottles, increasing the cost per gallon to nearly $7.50. MPWC water rates, being one of the lowest rates in New Jersey, will cost you $2.87 per 1,000 gallons, or approximately a quarter of one cent per gallon. Tap water meets the highest standards created for safe drinking water by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, which exceed the FDA standards that govern bottled water quality.

We thank you in advance for your support and understanding as we strive to maintain the high quality water and service that you are accustomed to enjoying.

For more information, or if you wish to contact us, please visit our web site at www.mpwc.com or call us at (856) 663-0043.

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