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What To Do About The Flu: From Prevention To Treatment

Information provided by Pennsauken EMS

According to the CDC, the flu season typically begins in the winter months and peaks in January or February.

Announcing The New Pennsauken-Merchantville Area Chamber Of Commerce

An Open Letter By Tim Ellis, Chair, Pennsauken-Merchantville Area Chamber Of Commerce

The Business, Industry and Government Council was established in 1982 by the Township of Pennsauken and local businesses to assist in developing, promoting and encouraging greater and more successful business and industrial activity in Pennsauken Township.

The council was dormant for some time and it was rejuvenated by a group of Pennsauken business owners in December 2009. Since then, the B.I.G. Council has played a vital part in both the business and residential communities of Pennsauken. The B.I.G. Council has provided networking opportunities and business to business commerce and has raised thousands of dollars to give back to the Pennsauken community for numerous events that could no longer be funded by the Township due to state-wide reduction of funds.

To foster a vision of area growth, we are excited to announce that a new entity has been formed in order to expand our boundaries and our membership: The Pennsauken-Merchantville Area Chamber of Commerce (P.M.A.C.).

Shaking The Dust Off Of Lazy Bones For A Good Cause

WagsphotoBy Bob Wagner, AAP Columnist

I’ve grown complacent the last few years, wallowing in my lazy retirement lifestyle. I know this, because my recently retired significant other, the bride, has told me so. And as much as it pains me to admit, she is usually right.

Keep Your Animal Friends Warm And Safe This Winter

JudithphotoBy Judith Kristen, AAP Columnist

When cold weather hits, we find ourselves all bundled up, with hats and gloves and boots to keep us cozy and warm until we’re back within the safe and heated confines of our home sweet home.

Millions of animals are not so lucky.

Woman’s Club “Operation Santa” A Success

The Woman’s Clubs of Merchantville would like to thank the many people and organizations that helped make the 2014 “Operation Santa” a huge success.

Registration For PYAA Spring Soccer Now Open

PYAASoccerPYAA Soccer is currently taking registration for the Spring 2015 Intramural Soccer League. Pennsauken and Merchantville resident boys and girls ages 4-11 are invited to join the league. Online registration is now open through Feb. 1 at In person registration will be on Saturday, Jan. 31 at the PYAA Field House, 3501 Elm Ave., Pennsauken, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The price per child is $75.

For more information, e-mail

Public Review And Comment Needed For Pennsauken’s Hazard Mitigation Plan

As part of the on-going update of the Camden County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, a Preliminary Municipal Appendix is available for review that addresses natural hazard mitigation issues for our community. The Preliminary Municipal Appendix can be downloaded by visiting and clicking on the appropriate links.

Comments on the Preliminary Municipal Appendix can be submitted via the “Contact Us” page, located at However, please note that comments must be submitted no later than Friday, Jan. 9.

Pennsauken January Public Meetings

Township Committee

Reorganization Meeting: Monday, Jan. 5, 6:00 p.m.
Pennsauken Country Club, 3800 Haddonfield Rd.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Reorganization Meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 7, 7:00 p.m.
Pennsauken Municipal Building, 5605 N. Crescent Blvd.

Planning Board

Reorganization Meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 6, 6:30 p.m.
Pennsauken Municipal Building, 5605 N. Crescent Blvd.

Meetings are open to the public.

2015 Will Be The Greatest, Most Epic Year Of All Time

Frank_ProfilesmallBy Frank Sinatra, AAP Editor

Life, particularly around the holidays, can be a little tough. It happens to a lot of people. It’s not always candy canes and Bing Crosby movies. But we’ve all weathered the storm to varying degrees, survived the 365-day drama fest that was 2014, and have entered what could quite possibly be the greatest, most epic year ever to be bestowed on humanity. A year that pales in comparison to the fracturing of Pangaea, the giant asteroid killing off the dinosaurs, the birth of Western civilization along the Tigris and Euphrates, the Magna Carta, or the invention of the Hungry Man microwavable dinner.

We will see a new “Star Wars” movie this year. And it will be awesome.

Pennsauken Lions Collect Over 100 Pair Of Glasses

Members of the Pennsauken Lions Club recently emptied the white mailbox in front of the Pennsauken Township municipal building and counted the donated glasses, over 100 pair! They also found a few letters mistakenly deposited into the reconditioned mailbox, including one to a bank! There was also assorted trash inside.

The Lions appreciate the donations of glasses and will continue to collect them throughout the year, but they ask that only glasses, wrapped in a plastic bag, without cases, be deposited in the box and certainly not trash or mail.

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