Board Of Education Members Get “Schooled”

By the Pennsauken Board of Education: Nick Perry, President; Allyson Meloni-Scavuzzo, Vice President; Cheryl Duffy; Michael Hurley; Diane Johnson; Leona Moss; Meg Snyder; Orlando Viera; and JoAnn Young

Board of education members make decisions that impact not only school districts but also the communities in which those districts are located. But what makes them qualified to do so, especially given that board members come from a variety of backgrounds that do not necessarily include education? 

Board members are aware that they have a lot to learn when it comes to their roles and responsibilities. In order to make the best decisions that they can for the children, the district and the community, they utilize various trainings so that they can acquire as much knowledge as possible to inform their decisions. Board of Education members get “schooled” so that they can best represent the interests of their community.

Each year, board of education members from all parts of our state gather in Atlantic City for the New Jersey School Boards Association’s (NJSBA) annual Workshop, the largest organized training program for board of education members in New Jersey. The NJSBA’s Workshop 2016 focused on “Recognizing the Value of Every Student.” The three-day conference provided board of education members, including those from Pennsauken, with the ability to take seminars on a wide variety of topics. Pennsauken Board members attended sessions such as “Using Best Leadership Practices to Manage and Lead Educational Organizations;” “21st Century Skills for Students and School Board Members;” “Keeping Children Safe – One School at a Time;” “@BoardMember #BeSmartAboutSocialMedia;” and “Partnering with Municipalities: Understanding the Politics and Making it Happen.”

In addition to attending sessions on particular topics related to the theme of Workshop 2016, the conference also provides the opportunity for board members to complete their required governance trainings. These trainings give board members specific instruction regarding their roles and responsibilities from qualified individuals. There are a series of three governance trainings: one taken each year of a board member’s term; and then a fourth training that is taken upon re-election. These provide board members with information related to the areas of school district operations, the roles of board members, board finances, legal issues pertaining to board members, and ethical obligations of board members. Several members from the Pennsauken Board of Education completed their required trainings at this year’s Workshop.

Board of education members recognize that training makes them more effective as they are leading school districts, especially in our current educational climate where things seem to change every minute of every day. The Pennsauken Board of Education understands the importance of training; each member makes it a priority to attend the NJSBA Workshop, so that they can benefit from all of the information gathered there. The information is ultimately the foundation that enables the board members to make the best decisions possible as we guide our district through the 21st century.

Board Bit Of The Month

Nearly 95 percent of 599 school districts in New Jersey attended NJSBA Workshop 2016.

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