Fun Toys Geared For Learning

Holly_colorBy Frank Sinatra, AAP Editor

Have you ever noticed that even with flashing lights and noises, some toys lose their luster pretty quickly? Sometimes, you just want your child to play with something that’s going to do more than just keep them occupied while you’re making dinner.

DiscoveryToysThat’s where Discovery Toys comes in. Anna Watsey, an independent educational consultant with Discovery Toys and a Pennsauken resident since 2006, explained that the company’s award-winning toys and games are created with a focus on “layered learning.”

“They’re layered as much as possible for those who learn in different ways,” says Watsey. “The toys also grow with you.”

Take the company’s Measure Up!® Collection. These exclusive items teach concepts such as size, stacking and sorting for early learning; as the child grows, the same toys teach about numbers, counting, and patterns. They also cover school-age concepts such as addition and subtraction, volume and weight, and clock face positions.

In addition, nearly every toy in the Discovery Toys catalog can also be used by autistic or special needs children; these toys are categorized by the specific learning the toy supports. Their products also support “learning pathways,” which help prepare kids for school, promote self-confidence and ultimately, lead to academic success.

“Discovery Toys is made up of teachers and therapists, moms and dads,” says Watsey. “Everyone there have an interest in having kids succeed.”

Prices vary, depending on the item. Toys for very little ones are in the $10 to 30 range, while others for growing learners are $11 and up; some of the larger products are around $40 to $60. Each item that Discovery Toys sells is BPA free and meets or exceeds all required safety regulations for the United States and Canada. The company backs every product with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

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