New GPG Event Center To Host “Fighters Against Dog Fighting”

Once again Global Proving Ground (GPG) has delved into the heart of the fighters and fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) with their latest philanthropic card called “Fighters Against Dog Fighting” on Jan. 17. This amazing card will be the second in an unending series of MMA shows and events that give back to the community at large, and it will take place at the new GPG Event Center in Pennsauken, NJ.

GPG17PosterManyFightersThis awesome fight card will be headlined by two of the top MMA Light Heavyweights on the GPG roster. Bellator veterans Sam “Sammy O” Oropeza will take on Timothy “The Good Soldier” Woods in this heavily anticipated main event. The co-main event will feature top middleweights Anton Berzin taking on Chad Herrick in an epic battle on the GPG stage.

GPG Co-Founder James Jefferson said, “As human beings and fighters, we have a choice as to what we’ll do and whether or not we will walk away from a conflict or a fight, and of course this isn’t the case with animals. All over the world, there are rings of horrible people exploiting animals for profit and entertainment and it sickens me. This event will be a great opportunity for both GPG and the amazing fighters on our cards to expose the ugly truth surrounding these animal fighting rings. This charity, coupled with our fight card, will break in 2015 like nothing you’ve seen.”

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