Pennsauken Board Of Education Celebrates Our Graduates

By the Pennsauken Board of Education: Nick Perry, President; Allyson Meloni-Scavuzzo, Vice President; Cheryl Duffy; Michael Hurley; Diane Johnson; Leona Moss; Meg Snyder; Orlando Viera; and JoAnn Young

As the 2015-2016 school year has officially ended, the Board of Education recognizes those students who are transitioning from middle school to high school and the PHS Class of 2016. As our outstanding students move onto new endeavors, we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of these wonderful students that truly make us Pennsauken Proud!

Celebrations of our students began early in June with our awards ceremonies. The eighth grade awards ceremony was held on June 6. At this ceremony, members of the eighth grade class received a total of $1,555 from a variety of generous donors, including members of the Pennsauken School District community. These scholarships will be used as the students move forward to high school. In addition to these scholarships, several students have received scholarship monies from various area high schools to use toward tuition as they continue their education.

On June 9, the Senior Awards Ceremony was held. Over one-third of the Pennsauken High School class of 2016 received awards with scholarship money totaling $67,375. The scholarships that were given at the awards ceremony were donated from various sources, including former employees of the Pennsauken School District,  former students, academic departments, and the PTA, just to name a few. In addition to the award money that was given at the Senior Awards Ceremony, many students received scholarships from the institutions that they will be attending in the fall, including three students who received full scholarships.

The celebrations culminated with the eighth grade promotion and high school graduation exercises. The eighth grade promotion exercises were held on June 15. Approximately 350 participated in this symbolic ceremony, as students end their middle school years and transition into high school. On June 16, 338 members of the Class of 2016 officially concluded their careers at Pennsauken High School during their graduation ceremony. These outstanding students will be moving on to college, the military, and various other careers.

We wish all of our eighth grade students a smooth transition as they begin their high school careers. And to the Pennsauken High School Class of 2016, we wish you all best of luck in your future endeavors!

Board Bit Of The Month

The Board of Education President, the High School Principal, and the Superintendent of Schools personally sign each diploma that is awarded at graduation.


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